The study program in Information Technology aims to educate students to be professional and problem solver in IT. The four-year bachelor degree or Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) is designed to cater students with combination of concepts and practices. Our study program offers students with multidisciplinary approaches in combination of Information Technology, informatics and engineering methods. With these extend backgrounds, graduates are expected to have minimum qualification to be IT professionals.

The program aims to educate students to be professionals as System Analysts and Network Engineer.

System Analysts (SA) – the S.T. graduates specialized in SA own their competencies in analyzing, designing and implementing information systems. SA deals with the ability of IT graduates to manage programmers, systems and end users. We aim to educate graduates who can deal with the complexity and dynamic of digital organizations.

Network Engineering (NE) – the S.T. graduates specialized NE own their competencies in  analyzing, designing and implementing computer network that support interchanges of data, video, and wireless network services.

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