• Email: firman[at]itp.ac.id
  • Department of Information Technology, Institut Teknologi Padang (ITP)
  • Room: D2.4 Gajah Mada Kandis Nanggalo Padang 25143 Indonesia
  • Homepage: Researchgate

Researcher ID



Lecturer ID 1003088202

Research Interests

  • Technology Management & Innovation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Technology-based Entrepreneurship
  • University-Business Cooperation

Research Profile

The focus of his research is to investigate the mechanisms and issues of Technology and Knowledge Transfer (TKT). He uses qualitative, quantitative and computational models to understand its complexity. He aimed to contribute to the TKT literature and evaluate its impact on organizational performance. He studied topics in challenges and problems which related to factors such as conflicting logic; personalization and codification of knowledge; the role of Information and Communication Technology; barrier and driver; and data-based knowledge. He also studied topic in technology-based entrepreneurship where he examined the role of TKT in the process of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation. Firmansyah holds a Ph.D. in Organization Science (Organization, Technology and Entrepreneurship) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, an M.Eng. in Technical Management from FH Oldenburg (HS Emden-Leer) and a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from Andalas University.   


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Popular articles

  • David, F. (2020). Organisasi Kemahasiswaan di Era Kampus Merdeka. Covesia. URL
  • David, F. (2020). Implementasi Kampus Merdeka dengan Kerjasama Perguruan Tinggi dan Bisnis. Covesia. URL
  • David, F. (2018). Titik Temu University 3.0 dan Industri 4.0? Era Information Society. Institut Teknologi Padang. URL
  • David, F. (2017). Kompetensi Hibrid Lulusan Informatika? Padang Ekspres, Padang. URL
  • David, F. (2014). Why on Earth Should I visit a conference? Socializing Science Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. URL

Courses Taught

  • Organization Theory and Management 
  • Business Process Analysis 
  • Technology-based Entrepreneurship
  • Social and Organizational Informatics
  • Management Information System
  • Project Management