• Email: firman[at]itp.ac.id
  • Department of Information Technology, Institut Teknologi Padang (ITP)
  • Room: D2.4 Gajah Mada Kandis Nanggalo Padang 25143 Indonesia
  • Homepage: Researchgate

Researcher ID


Senior Lecturer (Lektor)

Lecturer ID – 1003088202

Research Interests

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Technology Management
  • Social Network
  • Technology-based Entrepreneurship
  • University-Business Cooperation

Research Profile

My research focuses on investigating the mechanisms and issues of Technology and Knowledge Transfer (TKT). I use qualitative, quantitative and computational model to comprehend its complexity. I expect to contribute to the literature of TKT and to evaluate its impact on an organization’s performance. I study two topics: (1) Challenges and Issues. I study factors related to cooperation issues such as conflicting logic; personalisation and codification of knowledge; the role of Information and Communication Technologies; barriers and drivers; and data-driven knowledge. (2) Technology-based entrepreneurship, on this topic I study the role of TKT in the process of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation  including e.g., collaboration platforms and social networking.

Research GroupInformation, Organization and Technopreneurship (i-OTe)


  • Ph.D. (Organization Science), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2017)
  • M.Eng. (Technical Management), Fachhochschule Oldenburg (now Univ. of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer), Germany (2008)
  • B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering), Universitas Andalas, Indonesia (2005)

Career Overview


Journals (Refereed)

  • David, F., van der Sijde, P., & van den Besselaar, P. (2018). Academics coping with business logic: A study at Indonesian universities. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 49, 91-108. URL
  • David, F. (2017) ‘Entrepreneurial coping strategies: an agent-based model in university-business collaboration’, Int. J. Technoentrepreneurship, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp.330–345. URL

Book Chapters

  • David, F., van der Sijde, P., & van den Besselaar, P. (2016). Enterpreneurial Incentives, Obstacles, and Management in University-Business Co-Operation: The Case of Indonesia. In Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics (pp. 499-518). IGI Global. URL
  • David, F., & van der Sijde, P. (2015). University–Business Co-operation in Indonesian Higher Education for Innovation. In New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium (pp. 187-200). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. URL
  • van der Sijde, P., David, F., Frederik, H., & Carretero, M. R. (2014). University-Business Cooperation: a tale of two logics. In Moderne Konzepte des organisationalen Marketing (pp. 145-160). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. URL


  • David, F., David. W., (2018). Collective Intellectual Property: A view from Protected Geographical Indication. ICTIS-S2B. Padang Indonesia. ITP Press. URL
  • David, F. (2017). The Role of Interpersonal Knowledge Sharing in the Implementation of Decision Support System. In Peranan IPTEKS Menuju Industri Masa Depan (pp. 87-90). ITP Press. URL
  • Aulia, David, F., Waldy, E. P., & Hazmi, H. (2006, June). The leakage current analysis on 20 kV suspension porcelain insulator contaminated by salt moisture and cement dust in padang area. In Properties and applications of Dielectric Materials, 2006. 8th International Conference on (pp. 384-387). IEEE. URL

PhD Project


  • David, W., David, F. (2020). Analisis Sensori Lanjut Untuk Industri Pangan dengan R – Preference Mapping dan Survival Analysis. Universitas Bakrie Press. URL
  • David, F. (2017). Conflicting Logics and Hybrid Strategies in University-Business Co-operation: An Empirical Study at Indonesian Universities. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. URL


  • Malahayati, T.T.,  David, F., (2016). From Know-What to Know-How: A Preliminary Review on Health Insurance System. International Conference on Technology, Innovation, and Society ICTIS. ITP Press. URL

Popular articles

  • 2020 – David, F. Organisasi Kemahasiswaan di Era Kampus Merdeka. Covesia. URL
  • 2020 – David, F. Implementasi Kampus Merdeka dengan Kerjasama Perguruan Tinggi dan Bisnis. Covesia. URL
  • 2018 – David, F. Titik Temu University 3.0 dan Industri 4.0? Era Information Society. Institut Teknologi Padang. URL
  • 2017 – David, F. Kompetensi Hibrid Lulusan Informatika? Padang Ekspres, Padang. URL
  • 2014 – David, F. Why on Earth Should I visit a conference? Socializing Science Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. URL

Reviewer/Editor in

  • 2020 – present: Editor in Socio-technology and Innovation Policy, Asia Pasific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Food & Energy, Universitas Bakrie. URL
  • 2020 – present: Indonesian Journal of Social Responsibility, Universitas Bakrie. URL
  • 2019 – present: Proceeding of Nasional Conference on The Role of Technology for Future Industries (PIMIMD). URL
  • 2018 – present: Jurnal Inovasi, Vokasional dan Teknologi, Universitas Negeri Padang. URL
  • 2017: International Journal of Management Education. Elsevier.
  • 2016 – present: Proceeding of International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Society Conference Series. Institut Teknologi Padang. URL


  • 2018 – The Joint Conference on Technology, Innovation and Society (ICTIS) and Science-to-Business University of Applied Science Muenster.
  • 2017 – National Conference on The Role of Science and Technology For Future Industries (PIMIMD)- Padang, Indonesia
  • 2016 – International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Society (ICTIS) – Padang Indonesia 
  • 2015 – High Technology Small Firms (HTSF), University Groningen The Netherlands.
  • 2014 – University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2013 – High Technology Small Firms (HTSF), Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK.
  • 2006 – The 8th International Conference on Properties and Dielectric Materials (ICPADM). Bali. Indonesia.


  • 2020 – 2021: Kemenristek-DIKTI Research Grant – Online Collaboration & Knowledge Integration.
  • 2017 – 2018: ITP and Kemenristek-DIKTI Research Grant.
  • 2012 – 2016: Kemenristek-DIKTI PhD Scholarship ITP – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Conflicting Logics and Hybrid Strategies
  • 2008 – 2010: World University Service & CIM,  Returning Expert Program. Germany.
  • 2005 – 2006: Menristek-DIKTI Research Grant Indonesia.


  • 2020: Speaker on Industrial and Vocational School  Curricula Alignment – Center of Excellent. Lubuk Sikaping. Sumbar. URL. 
  • 2020: Speaker on Pembentukan dan Pengembangan Pusat Karir Siswa SMKN 3 Pariaman. Sumbar. URL
  • 2018: Speaker on Focus Group Discussion – Small Medium Enterprises in Smart City 4.0. Pemprov DKI Jakarta.
  • 2017: Speaker on Talk Show RRITechnopreneurship & Digital Innovation. Padang
  • 2012: Speaker on Socialization of MPLIK, The Ministry of Communication and Information. Padang.

Courses Taught

  • IT Project Management (2 Cr)
  • Business Process Analysis (2 Cr)
  • Technology-based Entrepreneurship (2 Cr)
  • Social and Organizational Informatics (2 Cr)
  • Organization Theory and Management (2 Cr)
  • Management Information System (2 Cr)
  • Concept of Technology (2 Cr)
  • Probability & Statistics (3 Cr)
  • Research Methods (2 Cr)