Lab of Apps, Configs, and Deploys (ACD-Lab)

The Department of Information Technology owns four laboratories for research and education. The laboratories include:

  • Programming and Apps Lab (PAL)

In the PAL, student’s lab-work such as databases and programming language are conducted. These consist of activities such as Programming Algorithms, Web Programming, Object Oriented Programing, Network-Based Programming, Computer and Multimedia. This lab occupied two rooms and has 34 PCs for research, teaching, and community service. 

  • Network and Computer Lab (NCL)

In the part of its function for student’s workshop and research, the NCL is the main venue for graduates of D-IT conducting Competency Training. Such training aimed to prepare graduates ready to face the world of work. There two main training – Mikrotik and Fiber Optic Switching Cable with Splicer. The lab also served for community service. 

  •  Digital System Lab (DAL)

Workshop in the DAL and Embedded System is related to the digital system processing, both teaching and research. The lab provides Micro-controllers and Sensors that available for academic staffs and students. 

  • Basic Computer and Operating System (BAC-OS)

In BACOS, students will have practical knowledge in hardware and OS of computer systems e.g. practices for single of dual booting system are presented in this lab.