Our Vision

Menjadi program studi unggul di bidang teknologi informasi dan rekayasa informatika yang kompetitif, dinamis dan inovatif.

Our Mission

  • Menyelenggarakan pendidikan tinggi yang berkualitas dibidang teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.
  • Melakukan dan mengembangkan penelitian yang inovatif dalam bidang teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.
  • Melaksanakan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dalam bentuk dukungan penyebarangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi informasi.

The Department of Information Technology (D-IT) aims to be innovative, competitive and adaptive in the digital world. Our mission is not only achieving scientific reputation but we are keenly applying our research into concrete solutions and products. Since 2002, the D-IT has been founded as an institution whereas students can promote both their technological- and soft skills in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). With more than a decade of its experience, the D-IT has been renowned for its reputable IT education in the region of Sumatra and it has been contributed to produce skilled IT graduates.

Despite of computer science, in general, has broad scopes, the D-IT specialized its research and teaching in four major areas including Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing; Computer Network and Mobile Technologies; Software Engineering, and Organizational Informatics. These four areas are reflected in our study program and research projects. In fact, these fields are not strictly separated to each other, rather cross-field collaborations are expected. Further, the department recognizes the strong link between teaching and research in which the integration of both may escalate the education quality.

The D-IT owns lecturers who have both academic and professional experiences. With these backgrounds, our lecturers majorly conduct teaching in the classroom by combining theoretical approach and professional experiences. Apart from Lecturer Certificate issued by the Government, our lecturers have been pursuing to obtain professional reputation by taking IT vendors’ certification.

The D-IT facilitates research projects in the multidisciplinary scopes and levels. First level of research conducted by the undergraduate students aimed for the final projects and internships. Second grade of research conducted by young academics who obtained funding either by local or national agencies, and the third level is the research designed to have publication in high reputable journals. The D-IT has established collaboration with several universities in Europe and Asia dedicated to enhance research and teaching capabilities. In the world of work, the D-IT initiates collaboration with industrial sectors such as Internet Service Providers, IT manufacturers, Software Developers, Health,  and so on.