In the Games industries, the EULA (End-User License Agreement) serves to protect the copyright of the games applications. It has stated rules that are the owner is entitled, which is the company. The company claims that they only rent the software to the users indicating the user do not necessarily become the owner of the software. The declaration of EULA is needed because it will  protect the copyright of the application. The EULA is required, suggesting user can use the software under certain circumstances. Technically, users must first do registration before entering the game. Users must enter accurate data and then they can enter the application. In term of the provisions, the Law protects an EULA of a game application suggesting users must comply with the stated rules and terms. Notwithstanding, users may face consequences if they violate the rules agreed in the EULA. The owner will sue the users or provide sanctions in accordance of user’s infringement.

Written by: E.A.Putri; J.Mulyanti; N.Masrita; O.D.Nopita; T.Marni

Edited by: F.David